1871 Felice Beato Photos


The photos show the US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) catalog numbers [200-KWG-??] and the original photo captions (in quotation marks), along with some explanations (in parentheses)
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KWG02 (South side of Mulchi Island looking at Wolmi Island)
KWG03 "Village of Kanghwa showing the entrance to the Salt River leading to Seoul"
KWG04 (North side of Isle Boisee [Mulchi Island/Jakyak Island])
KWG05 (South side of Mulchi Island, looking west towards Yeongjong Island)
KWG07 "Chief of Roze Island" (person from Wolmi Island)
KWG08 "Korean officials on an interview onboard the USS Colorado" (possibly messengers or prisoners, but not officials)
KWG09 "Corean officer and soldiers with dispatches onboard the Colorado" (probably prisoners posing)
KWG12 "Council of War aboard the flagship USS Colorado"
KWG13 "Exterior of Marine Redoubt. The first fort captured 10 June 1871" (Choji Dondae)
KWG14 "Interior of Marine Redoubt" (Northeast wall of Choji Dondae)
KWG15 "Interior of second fort captured" (Chojijin--no longer exists)
KWG16 "A Corean camp near Marine Redoubt"
KWG17 "Corean magazine in Marine Redoubt"
KWG18 "Monocacy and Palos covering troops on their way to Marine Redoubt"
KWG19 "View from Marine Redoubt showing the line of march of US troops to Fort McKee"
KWG20 "Fort Monocacy after capture by Marines" (Deokjin dondae)
KWG21 "View from Fort Monocacy with Fort McKee in the distance"
KWG22 "Interior of Fort McKee" (Sondolmok fort interior east wall)
KWG23 "Interior of Fort McKee showing the headquarters of the Corean Commander-in-Chief"--Sondolmok fort, interior SW wall)
KWG24 "Interior of Fort McKee" (Sondolmok fort interior northeast wall)
KWG25 "Interior of Fort McKee" (same as KWG23, but a little more west)
KWG26 "Exterior of Fort McKee" (view of exterior west wall at the entrance)
KWG27 "Elbow Fort, the first to open fire on the surveying expedition of the US squadron" (Yongdu fort)
KWG28 "Two Corean wounded prisoners waiting for a visit by the surgeon on board the USS Monocacy"
KWG30 "The Palos towing boats with storming party"
KWG31 "The Monocacy towing the boats on their return to the fleet with trophies of victory"
KWG32 "USS Colorado"
KWG33 "USS Alaska"
KWG34 "USS Benicia"
KWG35 "USS Palos"
KWG36 "Group of captives onboard the Colorado"
KWG37 "Edward Drew and Frederick Low with Chinese translators"
KWG39 "Watch officers of the USS Colorado"
KWG40 "Officers of the USS Colorado"
KWG42 "Officers and crew of USS Monocacy"
KWG43 "Officers of the USS Alaska"
KWG46 "The flag of the Commander-in-Chief of the Corean forces" (L-R: Hayden, Purvis, Brown)
KWG48 (prisoners of war)