Return of the Sujagi

The Sujagi has returned home. Those are words I had not expected to hear for many more years, but they were sweet words I received on October 10, 2007 when Mr. Brad Olson of the Baltimore Sun called me to ask for a follow-up interview (he interviewed me previously this past spring).

Baltimore Sun article

I had interviews with other organizations regarding the flag's return, both Korean and American. A simple web search will turn up many articles s(although some are based upon the article by Mr. Olson).

One interview I had was with the Korean station TBC (Taegu Broadcasting Corporation). You can see that interview here (mostly in Korean, but my interview is in English):

TBC Interview

I put up a web album of the unveiling ceremony for the flag: Return of the Sujagi pictures

Original post about the efforts to get the flag returned

Online article by Doug Sterner about the return of the Korean commander's flag

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